Trash Bins

Solar Powered LED Trash Bins

Sun Pacific Power is now offering solar powered LED trash bins. Please contact us for more information about getting our state of the art technology and help create more US jobs for your local community.

Solar Bin Brochure


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Solar Bin Benefits

  1. Solar Panel provides power to charge battery and allows Dawn to Dusk lighting
  2. Our Green technology allows clean power and security to any area
  3. Contributes to public safety: Creates ambient lighting that illuminates surrounding area at night to make pedestrians and drivers safer.
  4. Can be used anywhere: e.g., college campuses, parking decks, arenas, hotels, train stations, airports, bus stations, downtown of neighborhoods
  5. Battery life expectancy: Five years which is discretely located and secured inside Solar Bin
  6. LED 100HA which provide back-light to posters as well as ambient lighting
  7. Battery Power provided 40 W
  8. 3000 Lumens