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Amorphous silicon glass provides the right amount of balance between aesthetics and functionality. This PV glass shows the same mechanical properties as a conventional, architectural glass used in construction. However, in addition, it also generates free and clean energy thanks to the sun. It can also be customized in terms of shape, color, size, thickness, and semi-transparency degrees. It works very well under diffuse light conditions (overcast).

Advantages of Amorphous Silicon PV Glass

  • It produces more power than crystalline Silicon glass when under diffuse light conditions and high temperatures.
  • It offers a very uniform appearance, easing a clean installation.
  • It offers different visible light transmittance levels, up to 30%.
  • It offers flexibility in design, since it can be tailored to the architectural needs.

Natural lighting and Selective filter

Amorphous Silicon glass promotes natural light inside buildings, at the same time that it filters harmful UV radiation, and IR, which boost its thermal performance.

Insulation Properties

Amorphous Silicon photovoltaic glass offers both thermal and sound insulation. We fabricate our PV Glass ad-hoc, according to the architectural specification.

Biggest PV Glass in the world

Our photovoltaic glass comes both in standard and custom dimensions, and we can design PV Glass with dimensions up to 13.5 feet x 6.5 feet. This is in fact, the largest PV Glass available un the market.

100% Customized

We understand the value of a diverse architecture across the world and therefore, we design glass 100% tailored to our client’s design intent. We can produce virtually infinite options with different buildups, dimensions, colors, shapes…you name it!

Customized Transparency Degrees