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Photo Voltaic Solutions

PV Skylight

Skylights are an ideal application for photovoltaic glass. They are normally well exposed to the sunlight, allowing for optimal energy yield.

PV skylights also improve thermal inner comfort, since most of the UV and infrared radiation are filtered out by the Silicon-based material (solar filter effect). In addition, Air or Argon spacers guarantee the best thermal performance for the application.

In other words, PV skylights combine active and passive properties that improve the overall efficiency of the system. Semi-transparent PV glass reduces the need for artificial lighting, generates power, and provides thermal and sound insulation. It also helps delaying interior ageing.

PV Curtain Wall

Curtain walls are becoming a popular application for photovoltaic glass in buildings. They allow for owners to generate power from areas of the building they had never thought of. Buildings become a real power plant, keeping their design appeal, aesthetics, efficiency and functionality.

Both amorphous Silicon and crystalline Silicon glass can be used for curtain applications, and choosing one or another will depend on your design preferences, energy needs, and daylight requirements.

PV Glass for curtain walls comes frameless, and it can be assembled into any commercial system. From a mechanical prospective, the glazing contractor will take care of its installation, and then the electrical contractor will interconnect the units.

Different visible light transmittance levels are also an option. A typical curtain wall system can combine semi-transparent PV Glass for the vision areas, together with fully dark glass for the spandrel. This strategy contributes to optimizing the energy yield from the elevation, while maintaining unobstructed views.

PV Canopy

A photovoltaic canopy offers energy generation, sun protection and shelter. Depending on the type of canopy, the electricity yielded can be consumed in different ways: self-consumption for surrounding buildings, courtesy lighting, ad-box illumination, back-up systems, as well as injection to the grid.​

Design options are almost unlimited: one, two or multiple slopes, different tilts and orientations, multiple glass design options (silk-screening, ceramic frits, colors, etc.)​

PV glass on canopies can be supported using a variety of structural systems, including point-supported systems, U channels and skylight-like structures.

PV Spandrel

Building envelopes traditionally call for spandrel glass wherever a construction material or structure needs to be hidden.

Opacity is the common characteristic for any type of spandrel glass in the market, and we want to make the most of it. Our spandrel photovoltaic glass let building generate a huge amount of clean energy thanks to their opaque design. Opaque glass means higher solar cell density, which ultimately translates into high energy yield.

From single laminated glass, to double and triple low-e glazing, Spandrel Photovoltaic Glass is easily integrated within any curtain wall system. Junction boxes and wiring get easily hidden behind the Spandrel glass, resulting in a perfect aesthetic solution.

Different sizes and glazing options are also available for this cutting edge Spandrel panel option.

PV Facade and Roof

Contemporary architecture keeps searching for innovative and energy-efficient materials for façade and roof projects. Inspired by architectural needs, we have designed a photovoltaic ventilated façade and roof system which provide undeniable aesthetics, great thermal performance, and a new source of free, clean electricity.

The electricity generated by the system can be either injected to the grid, or it can be consumed right in the instant that it is generated.

The thermal barrier that they create can result in energy savings up to 50% of the building´s current demand. Accordingly, both I.R.R. and payback time are unbeatable.

PV Outdoor Floor Pavement

We have developed the first anti-slip, “walkable” PV paver in the world. PV pavers allow building owners to install solar energy in rooftops, while preserving their habitability.

Traditional PV panels take up all the space on the roof, reducing the amenity space within any building. In contrast, PV pavers let the owner generate free electricity, while still letting people enjoy the space and walk on top of them, safely.

PV pavers can be designed using any of the solar technologies (amorphous Silicon and crystalline Silicon), and they comply with the highest and most stringent quality standards.

They are intended for pedestrian traffic only, and they are installed as any technical, raised outdoors flooring system (PVC pedestals, wood and metal framing). They withstand up to 400 Kg (point load), and can be designed in standard dimensions and customized ones.