The Choice in Solar Power Solutions

Reduced Costs

Going Solar Brings the Best Savings

Sun Pacific Power Corps outstanding products deliver reliability as we help in cutting your energy cost for residential and commercial applications.


Take Back the Power

Sun Pacific Power Corps solar electric system provides an opportunity for homeowners looking to reduce their monthly utility bills and make a long-term, low-risk investment.

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A Cost Businesses Can Actually Control

The return on investment you get from solar power often exceeds that of most other investments in terms of the money your business saves over the years.


Homebuilders solar

Incorporating solar into new home construction, takes advantage of solar’s environmental and financial benefits without having to retrofit later down the road.

Essential Products

Highest-wattage home solar panels available, period

Sun Pacific Power Corp solar panels provide vastly increased power from a decreased number of panels on a roof.

Larger Sources of power

Solar panels provide vastly increased power from a decreased number of panels on a roof.

Designed With the Future in Mind

Larger more efficient solar cells convert more sunlight into electricity day after day.

Fully Increased Production

Factory built technologies increase production at the source, bringing more power per square foot than those of the past.

Beautifully Styled

Designed and built to blend perfectly into your architecture.

The Power of SunPacific

World class multi dimensional solar power units that bring all technologies together

Efficient engineering designs and quality manufacturing are our guidelines for all Sun Pacific Power Corp system solutions. We deliver in all categories from install to year to year performance and savings.

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Homeowners Reap the Rewards

Sun Pacific Power Corp solar power systems stand up to all others and brings a solution that is both affordable and reliable  now and in the future.

Business and Public Works Solar Panel Systems

Commercial entities both public and private reap the dramatic benefits through long-term reliability and dominating returns.  Sun Pacific Power Corp provides turnkey energy solutions that put savings and peace of mind within reach.

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